The participants

The pillars of the Rally

Joaquim Bellmunt


The participants are the soul of the Rally They are the ones who pamper the vehicles, the ones who clean and fix them, the ones who are willing to come to the Ral·li whether it is cold or hot, even in the rain. They are, in short, the stalwarts of the Rally. Here we can see some of the vehicles that participated in the last edition. Soon we will make a compilation of interesting and curious facts about the participants and their vehicles.

The Rally returns, to open the spring season in Sitges, one of the 4 most renowned events of the local festive calendar, and by extension of the world of the Catalan, Spanish and European collector.

We will see again the cars and motorcycles, the feeling of their engines and the well-oiled mechanics to overcome once again, the distance between Barcelona and Sitges. Many of them, almost the majority, exceed the centenary in terms of age.

That is why we want to show in detail each car participating through the files that you can find in the catalog following the following link and through our Instagram user, @rallibarcelonasitges.

In the following gallery the cars will be shown as their registration for the 2024 edition