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Rochet Schneider 15000

BRAND Rochet-Schneider
MODEL 12cv 4 cilindres monobloc
YEAR 1924
CYLINDER 2.600 (2.614)
HP 12

The brand is French, with a factory in Lyon, and the body is from the house Candelaressi (Lyon).

The first owner was Josep Guri, owner of the Llobet-Guri, SA textile factory in Calella (Maresme), who brought it from Lyon (it crossed the Junquera border on 18/10/1924) and on 10 / 01/1925 enrolled him in Barcelona (B16168).

On 18/07/1936 the Calella Committee commissioned it and in 1939 (the exact date is unknown), it appeared abandoned on the Calella football field and the Llobet family was able to recover it.

The second owner was Jordi Torras Comamala who bought the car from the heirs of Llobet on 12/06/1965 for € 210.35 (35,000 pesetas at the time) to the great displeasure of his driver, an elderly man who regretted separating -is forever what he considered his lifelong co-worker.

The condition of the vehicle was deplorable but fortunately it retained its originality, so no reconstruction was required. For his rehabilitation he had the invaluable help of his friend Josep (Pepito) Pallejà (in mechanics), of his wife Margarita (who upholstered him again in the same color and fabric, golden velvet), of his friend and neighbor Sans (cabinetmaker who restored elements of the interior), and Manuel Linares (who facilitated the paperwork of technical and administrative paperwork and contributed to the search for historical data while he was director of the Spanish delegation of traffic in Barcelona, person much appreciated and remembered by all fans of vintage vehicles because he shared the interest and concern in recovering the history of the country through the mobile park).

In 1972, the FIVA (Fédération International des Véhicules Anciens), through the ACV (Friends of Veteran Cars) estimated the request of Jordi Torras and officially recognized the historical data, originality and correct restoration of the car, granting the approval plate with registration number 033.

Jordi Torras dies on 12/01/1999 and the car becomes the property of his daughter Olga who, faithful to the spirit and temperament inherited from her father, keeps him active with the indispensable help of her husband Raimon and the participation of his son John.

In 1968, the car took part for the first time in a rally, the one in Barcelona-Sitges, in its tenth edition (February 28). Since then, she has taken part in almost all the editions and, since 2001, she has done so in a very special way because it is made up only of women: Olga is the driver and her cousins ​​Torras the five passengers. .

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