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Motosacoche 411A

YEAR 1929


The motorcycle arrived at the  International Exhibition of Barcelonain 1929 where it was sold to a first owner of Sant Cugat del Valles. This man, the following year (1930), sold it to the current    owner’sgrandfather, who wanted to return the bike to the road and enjoy it.From 1930 to 1936 the bike was being used as a regular travel vehicle for both work, leisure and daily life.The first days of July 1936 arrived and after Joan’s grandfather married. The young couple embarked on their honeymoon journey that was to take them to Switzerland     via Geneva and the city of Bern.After several days of travel and overcoming the incidents of his longroute arrived in Geneva, where they decided to rest for a few days, take the bike to make small repairs and visit the city. Alreadyrested thought that since they were in the city where the Motosacoche were manufactured, they better place than the factory to repair it, and there they presented themselves, where they astonished the employees of the factory itself by their provenance.The day I delivered the restored bike to Joan, her grandmother now told me when she was 101, that while in Geneva they went to a bank to exchange money and be able to pay for the repairs of the bike, but because of problems that they did not understand well at the time and because there was no agreement with Spain they could not change the money, so now they did not know how to pay and recover their bike. But great was his surprise when it came to showing up at the factory “Motosacoche” and receiving the pleasant news that not only did they not work anything, but also          cfilled with oil and gasoline some cans that carried them in the sidecar for this purpose.They then began the return, but upon their arrival at the border they learned of in Spain what was the civil war, and this meant having to wait several days in France until they could get a permit to enter the country and get home.During the war years Joan’s grandfather dismantled the bike and stuffed it into the garage to prevent them from requisitioning it. After the war, in the following years Joan’s grandfather and his motorbike continued to travel the roads every day, performingin addition, some other trip to Paris, and still in the 70s could be seen through the streets of Sant Cugat del Valles with their carpentry tools.Around   1987, 1988 Joan’s grandfather took the bike to a workshop for restoration, there it was partially dismantled and was abandoned in the courtyard for    17 years outdoors, until 7 or 8 years ago that her grandfather managed to recover it and restore it..

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